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My name is Diana Golden and I am a registered dietitian who serves individuals that are wanting a sustainable and non-restrictive plan to follow when it comes to blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight management. Go ahead and leave the conflicting and confusing advice at the door and allow me to simplify and put the fun back in mealtime. Nutrition is not a one size fits all. I take the time and get to know you personally and tailor a plan that will meet your unique needs that fit your lifestyle. 

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If you are currently restricting your favorite foods and struggling to achieve sustainable goals to improve your health, know there is hope! 

Have your cake and eat it too!

What if I told you that you can manage your blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight without cutting out any of your favorite foods? Imagine how much easier life could be if you understood how things outside of nutrition such as sleep, stress, and exercise factored into your health. You are not a statistic and deserve a plan that will allow you to thrive! It is time for you to finally live your life without limitations! It’s time to look at the whole puzzle of your health with a partner in your journey. It is time to say YES to yourself!

Kind Words

“Your program was absolutely worth my investment. I am able to manage my blood sugar confidently with less guesswork while eating carbs. Having a thoughtful and clear direction/plan is everything. I think your positive, can-do attitude is so helpful! The confidence rubs off on me and gives me hope that things can and are changing. I also appreciate not feeling like a total failure for having this disease you and your understanding that I’m not sitting around eating spoonfuls of sugar and lard which I think society tends to believe. Thank you for everything if anyone needs a reference, please feel free to give them my name and contact information.”

Elisabeth R.

“Diana is very, very educated and extremely passionate about helping those with pre-diabetes, as well as type 2 diabetes. She is beyond knowledgeable. She will educate you and care for you like you are her family. Her personality and beauty absolutely shine while she is doing what she loves. thank you for teaching, encouraging, and helping our family. If you are hesitant about reaching out to her please don’t think twice about it you won’t regret it!!”

Katie H.

“I have insulin resistance and was told to restrict every carb and was feeling overwhelmed before working with her. I was restricting and my insulin levels were high and the weight was not coming off. She gave me so many “wow” moments while working with her. I was scared to add the carbs she was suggesting at first, but she ensured me everything would be okay. I am so glad I leaned in and trusted her. I can include all carbs without fear and I have lost 15 pounds while working with her. I have also had two insulin labs drawn and they are in range. Thank you for the knowledge and support you provided to me.”

Shannon B.

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Work with me to find out how you can include all your favorite foods while still achieving your goals. My programs currently have a 100% success rate! Aren’t you ready to take control of your health and have a reliable partner in your blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight management journey?