Hi, I’m Diana!

I am a Registered Dietitian and I feel that we can have our cake and eat it too. I am an expert in blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight management and have been serving clients in Murfreesboro and beyond for over the past 7 years.

I worked in a clinical setting for 6 years and had my private practice on the side. I enjoyed my clinical job but found that I could not pour into my clients to ensure their success as I could in my private practice. I made the decision to make my passion a reality and in 2022 left my nest egg of a job and pursued private practice full-time.

It was a risky move, but I have seen the fruit of it and have no regrets. My passion for helping others achieve their nutrition goals is unrivaled. I love doing happy dances with my clients during their wins and spending adequate time problem-solving with them during their challenges. I want you to know that when I say we will work together, I mean TOGETHER. I want to spend quality time getting to know you so I can tailor a personalized plan that will fulfill expectations and get you well on your way to achieving your nutrition goals. Working together, we will troubleshoot other lifestyle factors that influence our health such as stress, sleep, and joyful movement.

My goal is that you feel empowered to make food selections and lifestyle choices that meet both your physical and mental needs while still achieving the goals your heart desires.

When I am not coaching clients on how to have confidence with meals and lifestyle, you can find me traveling, watching the food network, finding new favorite restaurants, or soaking up precious time with my two children and husband at home.

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Kind Words

“You have changed my life! I wasn’t given much information when I was diagnosed and only told to take metformin and watch my carbs. I was stressed about giving up my favorite foods and you took that fear away from me. I appreciated the practical advice and tips you provided. They were all easy add-ins and made it easy to manage my blood sugars. My blood sugars are in range and my A1C continues to drop.  I feel better than I ever have. I can’t thank you enough.”

Roger D. 

My passion for helping others achieve their nutrition goals is unrivaled.



Let’s Get Started

Work with me to find out how you can include all your favorite foods while still achieving your goals. My programs currently have a 100% success rate! Aren’t you ready to take control of your health and have a reliable partner in your blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight management journey?