Let me start by saying that I know what the masses are whispering in your ears. Low carb, keto, intermittent fasting, avoid foods with cholesterol (especially eggs and shrimp), lose 30 pounds, don’t eat that cookie, increase the intensity and time of your workouts. Yep, I have heard them all. Sure, if you were to do all these things you may see a drop in your blood sugar levels, A1C, cholesterol, and weight. 


These are short-term fixes that ultimately can cause rebound effects that interfere with you achieving your goals. We are not machines, and we eat for more reasons than just the physical self. 

You may be asking yourself, “How do I lower my blood sugars, A1C, insulin cholesterol, and weight without a restrictive diet?”.

The answer is easy and simple… protein, fat, and fiber (carbs)!

YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESTRICT ANY OF THESE MACROS! If you consume a balanced amount of appropriate sources, these three nutrients will play a major role in blunting blood sugar spikes, keeping you fuller longer, removing excess cholesterol from the body, decreasing your weight loss resistance so you are finally able to achieve your weight goals, decreasing inflammation, providing you with more energy, and so many more upgrades to your health! I will teach you how to master your blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight management skills by educating you on how to pair your favorite foods with nutrient-dense foods that serve your body best so you never have to sacrifice a thing! Hello, SUSTAINABILITY.

I will also educate you on how nutrients are broken down in the body and tell you the “why” behind how it works. The restricted diets recommended by so many are outdated and not sustainable. New research is coming out every day surrounding the success and sustainability of not restricting foods! We will take a deep dive into how all carbs, proteins, and fats are not created equal and how to pair all types of macros to allow you flexibility in enjoying your meals while not stressing about sabotaging your goals. Let me help you take the worry out of mealtime by showing you how to eat your favorite foods while lowering your blood sugars, A1C, insulin resistance, cholesterol, and weight.

Some examples of recommendations to tee you up for success! 

Blood sugar management: 

So, can I have dessert? The answer is YES!!! There are no off-limits foods. 

“I like ice cream, but it causes me to have high blood sugar.”

Recommendation: pair ice cream (carb, fat, protein) with nuts (fat, protein, fiber). Blood sugar spike is blunted and you had a treat you enjoy.

Cholesterol management:

“Okay, but I can’t eat pizza for dinner right?”

Recommendation: Yes, you can!! I would recommend pairing pizza (carb, protein, fat) with a side salad (fiber, fat, protein). Add some avocado to your pizza or salad for extra omega 3’s. We also need to balance with more unsaturated fats in the previous meals. Winning! 

Weight management:

“I constantly have cravings and want to snack. I go from not wanting to eat anything to wanting to eat everything.”

Recommendation: We need to make sure you are consuming 3 fulfilling and satisfying meals consistently throughout the day. Make sure to have good sources of fiber and protein to keep you fuller longer and appropriate sources of fat to give you that satisfaction factor. This will curb your cravings throughout the day and night and prevent excess calorie intake.


I can coach you on how to do all of this and tailor a plan to meet your specific food preferences. You will also receive expert solutions to common blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight management scenarios such as what to do when you have high fasting blood glucose. I will also provide you with recipes, meal planning, snack ideas, favorite grocery staples, and popular restaurant recommendations. I have worked with many clients and currently have a 100% success rate in my programs! Let’s get started and gear you up to owning your blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight management and not it owning you. You can do it!

Kind Words

“I have insulin resistance and was told to restrict every carb and was feeling overwhelmed before working with her. I was restricting and my insulin levels were high and the weight was not coming off. She gave me so many “wow” moments while working with her. I was scared to add the carbs she was suggesting at first, but she ensured me everything would be okay. I am so glad I leaned in and trusted her. I am able to include all carbs without fear and I have lost 15 pounds while working with her. I have also had two insulin labs drawn and they are in range. Thank you for the knowledge and support you provided to me.”

Shannon B.

Let’s Get Started

Work with me to find out how you can include all your favorite foods while still achieving your goals. My programs currently have a 100% success rate! Aren’t you ready to take control of your health and have a reliable partner in your blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight management journey?